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This page was last updated on: November 15, 2017
 I don't consider myself to be a thriving artist, but instead, an individual with needs.  The need for a place to put something that would give me self satisfaction and help others too. I hope you will enjoy the creativeness that I have in store for you and that there is a possibility it might strike a creative side for you.

I have many hobbies and interests.  I love to do handwork, but my health doesn't always allow me to use those hands like I would really want to use them.  So instead, I found an interest in machine embroidery.  I do some custom embroidery digitizing and lots of time is spent playing with the ideas that run through my head.  Sometimes, possibly, too much time playing.  At the same time, I need an income, so I decided to create designs that might interest others.  I hope you find them as interesting as I have.

I also enjoy construction sewing.  I love creating Applique designs, Rhinestone designs, Embroidery designs, Custom Heat Transfer Vinyl designs, Screenprint for Decorated Apparel and I do a lot of custom sewing and alterations for individuals.  I enjoy creating applique designs, small children's quilts, and lap blankets for the older generations. Since 2010, I have created and sold 100's of Stadium Blankets made from Sweatshirt fabric and also Fleece Blankets for customers. I love making designs to put on these. 

I continued to sew for people, customers and family, I found problems fitting their bodies the way I thought I should have been able to.  I started researching the idea of better fitting garments for everyone.  That was when I found out about Livingsoft and the computer generated pattern software.  Since the time I began using the Dress Shop patternmaking software that Livingsoft is known for.  I had received more and more customers and inquiries for upholstery and slipcovers.  Then I found myself with the founder of Livingsoft, at that time Annette Schofield, wanting to do more with my Home Decorating ideas.  Much to my surprise, I was asked to write instructions and draw up patterns for a new patternmaking software that the Livingsoft people then would distribute and call the Home Dec Sampler.  If you have ever wanted to make that $90 pillow that they had at Pier 1 or the Penney's store, well now is your chance.  All it takes is a little persistence and lots of time to play with the patterns and designs.  

I am also fond of crochet. I do a lot with crochet. You will see some of my works of crochet art in the Photo Site. I do crochet by hand and I also love to do Filet Crochet and wouldn't you know it, yes, there is software that creates Filet Crochet. The company Sand Castle Designs developed the software and I like to use it to design some of my filet crochet designs that you will also see in my pages. I used the Filet Crochet Software to create my grandson's picture. I call it Cole's Choo Choo. I have many other items I have created with pencil and graph paper over the years. I didn't take pictures of everything back then as I do now. Wow, I sure wish I had taken pictures of all the crochet creations I've done. It's amazing when you stop and think about all you have created for people over the years. My family adore all the works of art that I created for them over the years. One day, maybe, I'll get pictures of all the creations and share those with you as well. In the meantime, please enjoy the items I did get shots of. Remember, everyday is a holiday and I am thrilled to create my works of art for your giving or use.